The new land aquisition process

The NSW Government is making the process fairer, easier to understand and more transparent.

We understand that land acquisition for public infrastructure can be a difficult and complex experience for land owners, residents and businesses.

At the same time, it is also important that public infrastructure such as roads, rail, parks and hospitals be developed to meet the needs of the NSW community and economy.

The Government’s current infrastructure program is the most significant in the state’s history. We are creating new public transport networks to support our growing population and to make it easier for people to get to work, school or university.

Government agencies, usually referred to as acquiring authorities, have powers to acquire land for public purposes, such as the development of new infrastructure. While these powers are contained in various pieces of legislation, such as the Roads Act 1993, the process and rules for acquisition are set out in the NSW Land Acquisition (Just Terms) Compensation Act 1991.

The NSW Government has reviewed its approach to land acquisition and has delivered some major improvements to make the process fairer, more transparent and customer friendly for land owners.

We are focused on improving communication with landowners, reducing disputation, and increasing accountability and scrutiny for government agencies who acquire land.

The Government has already begun work to help better meet the needs of impacted home and business owners at all stages of the acquisition process.